Perfect Planters for your Patio

Planters for your Patio. Spring will be here before you know it. And if you want your spring plants to beautify your patio or deck for months to come, you need the perfect containers to plant them in. Here are the top qualities you should look for.

Stable Base

It might seem obvious, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. A planter without a stable base is liable to tip over, causing stress and damage to your plants. If the container you love is prone to tipping over, attach it to something sturdy with discreet wire. Or prop it up with other features like stones or a statue.


Container Planters for your Patio are especially prone to drowning from inadequate drainage. Every planter needs drain holes. Remember it’s perfectly acceptable to nest inexpensive pots with great drainage inside beautiful planters with no drain holes. Create a drainage layer by adding a couple of inches of pebbles to your planter before nesting a smaller container inside.

Moisture Holding

A potted plant’s only source of water is what you put in the pot. Terra cotta and grassy fiber-lined planters wick moisture away from the plants inside them. These may need more frequent watering. Stone, glazed ceramic, and plastic nesting containers tend to hold moisture longer. These may need extra drainage precautions.

Room for Roots

Too much or too little room in your planters can compromise your plants’ health. Give fully-grown plants the same amount of space they had in their original containers. Still-growing plants need containers 2-4 inches larger than what they started in. And don’t forget to leave adequate space between plants in the same container. Check the packaging for recommended spacing.

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