Fitting into small spaces

Fitting into small spaces. If you live in the city, then you understand how outdoor space can be a luxury. Nevertheless, property developers in the city are making an effort to provide residents with outdoor spaces, no matter how small. So just because your patio, back yard or balcony is a bit squeezed, does that mean you forgo using this space?

Not at all! You can transform your small outdoor space to a comfortable hosting and relaxing section of your home with patio furniture. The trick lies in how well you’ll arrange the furniture. Here are 3 tips on how to fit your patio furniture:

    i.  Choose Your Focal Point Wisely

The focal point of your outdoor space will be the center of your patio arrangement. It will be the primary gathering point in your space, and all other furniture will build around and away from it.

   ii.  Symmetrical Or Asymmetrical?

Because of the limited outdoor space, every patio furniture you pick out must be a perfect selection that will complement the space, ambiance, and the mood you want to create for your outdoor living. If you are aiming for a casual, lax or quirky feel for your outdoor space, then consider patio furniture that can comfortably create an asymmetrical patio arrangement. But if you prefer a more formal looking outdoor space, patio furniture that fits in a symmetrical arrangement is what you should go for.

   iii.  Longest Furniture Along Longest Wall

Strategic placement of your patio furniture is crucial when you are working with limited outdoor space. Our tip is always to place your most extended furniture which could be a sofa, along the longest wall and have it face your focal point. From the placement, you can now go ahead and add other pieces of furniture around it and accessorize your outdoor space.

The Bottom Line?

Small outdoor space is far much better than no outdoor space. Make the most of it by being smart in how you arrange your patio furniture. And remember your selection of patio furniture matters a lot too. So shop Atlantic Patio for the perfect furniture to compliment your small outdoor space.

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