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About Atlantic Patio

Its been a long time since we worked the craft fairs and art shows selling our hand-crafted teak Adirondack chairs. But that beginning meant freedom from corporate ties and budget meetings and it was wonderful. “I’d trade sawdust for a necktie any day”, was the mantra. Natural business growth occurred and within a couple of years the business model shifted into accepting products from suppliers and offering a variety of outdoor patio furniture for sale over several websites. We currently maintain a very comfortable business size that enables us the freedom to stay true to our focus: working closely with our customer. We are very grateful – (still no ties)!

Do what you do the best!

Since our inception in 1998, our primary focus has always been about building relationships with our customers by offering exceptional customer assistance. We do that by knowing the products that we sell and understanding that customers have unique needs. We do not aspire to grow into a mega-huge internet retailer where it becomes impractical to really know all two million products for sale. Again, grateful we found something we can enjoy to do (without a tie).

So why shop with us?

True, there are other places to shop for a wide selection of quality outdoor living products at very reasonable prices. That is exactly why we have added many additional reasons to do business with us.

  • Get showered with Sand Dollar reward points and spend those points like cash! We reward points for all kinds of activities. Take a look here.
  • Absolutely free 6 month warranty extension. Read more.
  • Be confident you found the best price or take 60 days to look around (not just 30 days)! Read more.
  • Check out our exclusive Douglas Nance furniture. Our brand continues to expand from its initial offering of fine products at amazing prices.
  • Get design help from industry experts and make your outdoor design a breeze! Visit our Expert Design area.
  • Get inspired by checking out what your neighbors did to create their own sanctuary! Visit our Inspiration Gallery.
  • Providing comfort and outdoor patio furniture since 1999.
  • Free Shipping? Of course!