Drapes make good canopies

Drapes make good canopies. Take advantage of warm seasons by creating an outdoor space that doubles as a spot for summertime parties or afternoon naps. The linen draperies and overhead sails add elegant appeal and help bring in the cool shade. Ample seating, open floor space and lantern lights provide an ideal atmosphere for entertaining.

Outdoor curtains, blinds, and patio shades improve the appeal of the outdoor space along with providing privacy and protection from sunlight. Outdoor curtains offer a flowing and elegant look to your space. They move with the breeze and let the sunlight in. They do not provide much shade but create a dappled effect. The best way to hang a curtain is by using a curtain rod or bamboo sticks that can add an urban, yet rustic look to the outdoor space.

Patio shades are made of thick breathable material and can completely block sunlight from entering the space. They provide shade and privacy when needed. They can be hung over the patio like an awning or a patio sail.

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