How to Carry an Adirondack Chair

How to Carry Adirondacks. The best method of moving adirondack furniture is demonstrated perfectly in this video!

Moving an adirondack chair usually means dragging it a short distance to the new location. The problem is, carrying the adirondack any measure of distance can be a back breaker. Adirondacks have an awkward shape. That shape makes it hard to carry. Therefore, it becomes impossible to keep the center of balance close to your waist. This can be painful because the center of gravity is way out in front of you.

Moving adirondack furniture

Approach from the side of the chair and lean over to grab the furthest arm. Tilting the adirondack chair towards yourself. This makes it easier to pick it up and slide your shoulder under the arm of the chair. Now you can carry the adirondack chair on your shoulder.

Other materials of outdoor patio furniture can be quite heavy. If moving any type of furniture is difficult, try using the same method as “How to carry adirondacks.”

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