Telescope Casual Sling Replacement

Telescope Casual Sling Replacement

1. Remove end caps.
If you will use the same end caps, be careful removing them, they can be very dry, brittle, and break easily. Use a flat screw driver and remove the caps. Using a utility knife or scissors, cut the old sling down in the middle.

2. Cut old slings.
If your chair has a bar in the back, at this point it will come out. Slide the two old sling pieces out of the rails one at a time and if necessary use pliers to pull them out.

3. Insert splines.
Slide the plastic splines into the sling pockets on both sides.

Telescope Casual Sling Replacement

4. Insert sling on one side.
Make sure to keep the sling tag at the top of the chair (differentiates the top from the bottom dimension of the sling).

5. Remove bolts.
Use an impact drill to remove all the bolts (spacers or washers) that hold the rail of the side you inserted the sling.

6. Insert the other side of the sling.
Insert and slide the sling fabric in the rail that is still attached to the frame; pull the sling down until the end of the rail.

7. Loosen bolts.
On the side that is still attached to the frame, loosen all bolts 3/4″ of the way using an impact drill.

8. Attach loose rail.
Line up the holes of the loose rail with the holes of the frame; insert the bolts (spacers or washers) and tighten them using your fingers for now.

9. Align sling.
Pull the sling until it is even with both ends of the rails, and if necessary, use pliers to eliminate wrinkles on the fabric. Note: Do not apply pressure on the pliers, it may cut the sling.

10. Spread rails.
A spreader tool is needed and you can find it on our website under tools. Turn the chair upside down and put the spreader tool in the rails behind the chair; doing so will help to stretch the fabric. Note: The fabric was made to stretch up to 1 3/8″.

11. Tighten bolts.
Use an impact drill to tighten all bolts.

12. Cut the spline.
Cut all the excess spline.

13. Insert end cap.
Using a rubber mallet, gently tap the end caps into the sling rails.

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