Telescope Casual Fire Pit Tables

Telescope Casual has been a trusted outdoor furniture manufacturer for over a century. In 2015, the company introduced a line of innovative fire tables which utilize Marine Grade Polymer (MGP), an extremely sturdy, completely waterproof material specifically engineered to endure in saltwater climates.

Telescope Casual’s fire tables are notable for offering a sophisticated yet perfectly practical way to enhance a wide range of outdoor activities, from dining and entertaining guests to patio lounging and warming up after a swim. An array of height, shape, and custom color options will help you personalize your fire table and create the ideal piece for bringing year-round warmth and style to your outdoor space.

Choosing the height of your fire table
When it comes to determining the outdoor atmosphere you’re looking to create, the height of your fire table plays a key role. Telescope Casual’s 22,000 BTU 32” square table starts at 28” tall, which is considered dining height and pairs with dining chairs; meanwhile, the 55,000 BTU 36” x 54” rectangular table and the 60,000 BTU 54” round table both start at 24”, making them suitable for use with lounge chairs.

However, it is important to note that the availability of lift kits allows you to boost tables so they are able to effortlessly meet other desired heights. Thanks to these outdoor accessories, all of Telescope Casual’s fire tables can be elevated to dining (28”), balcony (36”) or bar (40”) height. At these increased elevations, tables match well with taller chairs/bar stools and counter tops, providing a convenient way for you to create different types of outdoor ambiance.

Telescope Casual Fire Table Heights

Customizing your fire table
Height is just the first factor to consider when choosing a fire table that caters to your lifestyle. A diverse assortment of custom colors and patterns make it easy to develop a design that is completely in line with whatever type of aesthetic appeals to you.

All fire tables have MGP table tops that are available in timeless slat and herringbone patterns and a spectrum of vibrant contemporary colors and subtle earth tones; additionally, each table’s MGP side panels and aluminum frames are also offered in understated, easy-to-coordinate hues. This selection of colors provides you with a wealth of ways to compliment or anchor outdoor spaces in any style, whether your taste is modern, traditional or somewhere in between. All custom orders ship in three to four weeks.

Telescope Casual Fire Table Options

Accessorizing your fire table
Each Telescope Casual fire table comes equipped with accessories that enhance both the appearance and functionality of the product. Crystal fire gems add a vibrant decorative accent that always impresses, while aluminum burner covers are designed to match table tops and allow for quick conversion into a coffee/conversation table.

Aside from the extras included with every fire table, Telescope Casual has a line of supplemental accessories which can be purchased separately. The lift kits mentioned above have durable aluminum frames and are available in colors that synchronize with the available table frame hues. Additionally, glass burner surrounds available for the 54” round and 36” x 54” rectangular tables will lend a touch of contemporary appeal while producing a safer environment (surrounds are highly recommended for use in windy conditions).

Telescope Casual Fire Table Crystal Fire Gems, Burner Cover, and Glass Surround

Crafted for Convenience
In order to avoid ignition problems, all of Telescope Casual’s fire tables are matchlight, meaning they can easily be ignited with a lighter. Plus, the tables are all propane ready with natural gas connections and even have a hidden gas control knob for trouble-free management of flame height and gas flow. These thoughtful features were devised with a stress-free experience in mind and will enrich the outdoor enjoyment of your custom Telescope Casual fire table for years to come.

Telescope Casual remains a great company. We are dedicated to providing the highest levels of quality, design, comfort, and customer service. Our mission is sustained by a legion of over 300 employees. Telescope Casual maintains a steadfast commitment to exceed customer expectations. From its first-rate outdoor furniture, to its customer-centered service and delivery, Telescope Casual is recognized for its stylish outdoor wares. Telescope Casual remains family owned and operated, with a world-class reputation for quality.

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