Measure to Replace Your Sling

Replace Your Sling Fabric. Our video will assist you in determining your correct Telescope Casual replacement sling.

Sling Fabric is popular and comfortable

Patio furniture made using a mesh sling has been popular for years. Its linear, elegant look integrates seamlessly into several different types of decor, from modern to traditional. Not only is it comfortable, lightweight and easy to maintain, it can be significantly more affordable than other types of patio furniture such as wood or wrought iron. Eventually you will need to think about sling replacement for these beautiful chairs.

Superior to Recycled Plastic Furniture

While sling patio furniture is quite durable, the sling itself typically lasts about 10 years. After all those years of use and exposure to the sun, it may become brittle and tear, or become loose or discolored. When this happens you have two options: purchase new patio furniture or repair the sling furniture you already have.

Replace Your Sling Fabric. Telescope Casual is a New York-based outdoor furniture company. We are an established manufacturer of premium outdoor patio furniture. Since our inception in 1903, Telescope Casual’s reputation for has developed. Our exceptional outdoor patio sling furniture creates its high value. With decades of continued growth, Telescope Casual continues to uphold its pioneering legacy. We continue introducing new products to the market. To keep pace with our furniture demand, we have a nearly one-million square foot state-of-the-art facility in Granville, New York. Our concentrated efforts in research, development, and unique manufacturing processes keep us the leader in patio furniture.

Telescope is a Great Company

Telescope Casual remains a great company. We are dedicated to providing the highest levels of quality, design, comfort, and customer service. Our mission is sustained by a legion of over 300 employees. Telescope Casual maintains a steadfast commitment to exceed customer expectations. From its first-rate outdoor furniture, to its customer-centered service and delivery, Telescope Casual is recognized for its stylish outdoor wares. Telescope Casual remains family owned and operated, with a world-class reputation for quality.

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