Peak Season Inspired Collection

Peak Season Casual Furniture

Peak Season Casual Furniture. Birds are chirping. Flowers are blossoming. The sweet smell of Pinot Grigio is lingering in the air. (Just me? Weird.) Hallelujah, patio season is here. Bring on the sunset barbecues, the candlelit dinners alfresco, the rain-stained, off-kilter patio chairs … gah! Whether your patio set excavation brought with it a few unsavoury surprises or you’re just looking for a few fresh pieces, you’re ready to figure out how to decorate your patio.

Peak Season Casual Furniture

Before you begin choosing Peak Season Casual Furniture, you’ll have to make some decisions. Fashion or function? Outdoor lounge or patio dining? Soothing sanctuary or vibrant conversation starter? You’ve got choices, choices, choices. Atlantic is here to help you make your patio — whatever the size — into an outdoor living space that you can party, relax, entertain, or all-of-the-above in all summer long.

Make it Practical

This is us, keeping you practical. Focus on Peak Season Casual Furniture that allow you to maximize your patio-time. If you know you love to read your book on a cozy chaise, that’s where to focus your budget. If you have not-so-secret ambitions to become a BBQ master, prioritize a dining area over a daybed.

What if you want it all, but your patio is on the smaller side? Pair a cafe table with two lounge chairs so you can dine al fresco and kick-back a la mode. A pouf is always a great addition because it doubles as an extra seat or a footrest. Small spaces require big ideas, so feel free to get creative. At Atlantic Patio, we offer furniture that is convertible and multi-purpose.

If you have the luxury of square footage, you don’t have to be quite so laser focused. Consider divvying up your yard into sections, so it’s not one large block. Think about your home’s main floor. Your outdoor space can have a similar flow. Build a dining area for burgers and cards and a living area for moonlit soirees. Another hot design tip: group functional spaces together with a rug or a bold feature like a fire table.