Barlow Tyrie Seat Fixing Irons

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Barlow Tyrie 100 years

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  • Durable, stainless steel
  • Prevents unauthorized movement in a public place
  • Must be cast into concrete

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Barlow Seat Fixing Irons. Secure your Barlow Tyrie furniture investment with these fixing irons. It is designed to hold the leg brace to the ground.

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Designing new categories of furniture is nothing new for Barlow Tyrie. Useful and attractive creations are crucial elements of our success. As a result, the furniture stands out. The century-old manufacturer exceeds expectations. We routinely turn out unique products. In addition, Barlow maintains an unmatched stance for quality. These efforts have not gone unnoticed by our peers. The company has received many coveted industry awards.

Quality since 1920, Barlow Seat Fixing Irons

Be Inspired. Barlow Tyrie manufactures an extensive range of teak outdoor garden furniture with traditional designs. For example, we include teak chairs and tables, teak steamers, teak benches and swings, as well as sun loungers, bar furniture and deep seating pieces. Additionally we manufacture ranges of furniture in both stainless steel and aluminum. These include chairs, tables, loungers, bar sets and deep seating. Enjoy your Barlow Tyrie shopping experience while you view teak designs rich with heritage and built to give decades of satisfaction.

Beautiful and Classic – Aged Teak. The true character of teak is evident in its beautiful grain and its amazing durability. As it ages, if exposed to the weather, teak develops a silver gray patina. However, our furniture can still remain in service with this classic gray color. Applying teak protector slows this natural process. Once the teak has grayed, return to the honey brown color using teak cleaner.




Barlow Tyrie




Stainless Steel




Barlow 10 year residential warranty

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