Very Cool Patio Idea

Very Cool Backyard Idea. Create your own backyard oasis with an outdoor movie theater and cozy lounge chairs, fun for the whole family!

Creating the perfect backyard

As weather warms up it’s time to open up your backyard to host the perfect movie night. There are lots of ways to create the perfect space for movies. The main focus should be on comfort.

Great comfort for a crowd

Set up your backyard with a designated movie watching space. This is as simple as pulling the furniture cushions onto the grass. Perhaps an outdoor rug would work well too.

Very Cool Backyard Idea

Host the movie night of the season. Setting the area with some accents is a good idea. Hang a string of outdoor lights for a nice ambience. Don’t forget a cooler full of drinks. A table to offer insect repellant is a great idea. Adding a patio space heater might be required.

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