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Two-tone recycled plastic

Two-tone recycled plastic

This recycled plastic set was available with two color choices for the chairs. Right away it brought more color to the back patio area. We get plenty of compliments and think it looks great! Set is also made very well and comfortable too.

Recycled Plastic For Us!

The recycled plastic furniture is what we selected for our back deck/pool area. We wanted durability over everything else but ended up with very comfortable and good looking style too! The Nantucket Sofa anchors your outdoor living space. Perfect for hanging out or even taking an afternoon nap. Deep, comfortable cushions in a wide array of colors fill out this classic design.

Looks Quite Elegant

The cushions came in a bunch of different patterns so we matched it as if it was custom ordered. The recycled plastic looks like classic furniture and very elegant. Not a hint of cheap cheesy, flimsy stuff you may have seen before. This is very heavy furniture and very well made. Bring on the hurricanes – well, not quite!

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