Serenity at the Beach

Serenity at the beach with teak furniture in the islands.

Teak furniture in the islands. This looks about as real as our set of the same furniture does down in the islands. Atlantic patio had this shipped and it all arrived perfectly. It is quite heavy and will not be affected by normal winds. We have since bought more furniture after seeing the quality.

This beautiful, solid teak Serenity Dining Armchair brings a sense of calm and peace to your garden or patio surroundings. Crafted with perfectly sanded smoothness, the Serenity Collection is a joy to behold. Pair with other Serenity Collection pieces to create a relaxed seating area. This teak Serenity Dining Armchair showcases teak wood its natural honey gold color. Mortise and tenon construction offer a lasting durability.

Douglas Nance Teak logo

Teak furniture in the islands. The Douglas Nance philosophy about teak furniture is different than most. While all around we see designs and styles that minimize the use of teak wood. Substituting teak with aluminum or adding sling fabric material is not our desire. Our designs point in another direction. Slim and sleek won’t be found in descriptions of our furniture. Instead you’ll read masterful, bold and rock solid. Everything in the design of our styles has been about making a statement with teak. We’ve added thickness to our parts to give unheard of stability and strength. We’ve also added extra dimension to provide more room and comfort than any teak designs we have ever seen.

We invite you to browse through our teak dining sets. Atlantic Patio will inspire your outdoor area plan. Spending leisure time in the patio and garden relaxing is quite healthy. So, it becomes increasingly important that your outdoor area is well designed. The three keys of a good design are comfort, function and visually pleasing. The Capri Armchair Dining Set includes those three elements. Since we combine many years of manufacturing experience with the best materials and design excellence, we achieve these criteria perfectly. We are very proud of the quality of our furniture and are well known for our clever designs. We hope that you will become one of our valued customers.

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