Douglas Nance Lone Star Adirondacks

Douglas Nance Lone Star Teak Adirondacks up on the deck enjoying the deck view. Great chairs. Excellent craftsmanship and beautiful teak.


Douglas Nance Lone Star. Texans are proud of Texas. With ancestry deeply anchored in Desoto farming, Douglas Nance understands that Texas really is like a whole other country. It is in that vein that we honor the great state with a purely Texas adirondack chair design.

Lone Star Teak Adirondacks are masterpieces crafted from the finest materials. It is adorned with several Texas Star options to make it truly unique. The handsome metal stars are crafted by Texan artisans. Then they get coated with several layers of high quality paint. This protects the metal from the weather. Only premium Grade A teak is used in the manufacture of these chairs. And like the expansive state the chairs represent, the sizing of these chairs is larger than most.

With its classic refinement and rugged good looks, the Douglas Nance Lone Star adirondack chair is welcome at many settings. Either a Highland Park backyard gathering, the front porch of a West Texas ranch or a Hill Country BBQ. The Republic is well represented with this masterful creation. Enjoy with pride!

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