Douglas Nance Classic Rockers

Douglas Nance Classic Rockers very nice thick and smooth teak.

These porch rockers serve well indoors as well as on the patio. Choose your furnishings wisely with great pieces at Atlantic Patio.

Wooden Patio Furniture

Douglas Nance Classic Rockers are wooden chairs that are beautiful and ornate as well. Buying pine or other softwood means you will have to treat and seal the wood periodically.

The best exterior furniture wood to select from is teak. These hardwoods are naturally resistant to both water and insects. Teak makes durable, attractive outdoor tables, chairs, and stools.

Lend a contemporary nuance to your outdoor living space with our Classic Rockers. Its high-quality teak construction complemented by a versatile natural finish. Teak’s natural oils make it perfectly weather resistant. No maintenance is needed for this chair’s frame.

The Douglas Nance philosophy about teak rocking chairs is different than most. We see designs and styles that minimize the use of teak. Substituting aluminum or adding sling fabric material, we have gone the other direction. Slim and sleek won’t be found in descriptions of our furniture. Instead you’ll read masterful, bold and rock solid. Everything in the design of our styles has been about making a statement with teak. We’ve added thickness to our parts to give unheard of stability and strength. We’ve also added extra dimension to provide more room. Our teak rocking chair designs offer more comfort than any teak designs we have ever seen.

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